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Polar Bears of Kaktovik Photo Tour by The Amazing Image
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Polar Bears of Kaktovik Photo Tour

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Amazing Polar Bear Tour

Polar Bears of Kaktovik Photo Tour

Tour Dates:
August 18-21, 2014
August 22-25, 2014 (available only after the first tour sells out)

Base Cost:
$6800 per person.  Registration is limited to 6 and requires a minimum of 4.

2014 Surcharges: Lodging $75.00 per person due to the lodge raising their rates.  Those who have reserved spaces before May 1 are exempt.

Polar bear viewing in Kaktovik, Alaska – it’s a once in a lifetime experience – and simply amazing.

The Inupiat Eskimo village of Kaktovik is located near the extreme northeast corner of Alaska and is set on Barter Island, about 70 miles from the Canadian border. You’ll spend four days waiting for someone to wake you from a dream – but it’s real. Kaktovik may be the single most remote village in all of the United States, and the Inupiat Eskimos have made it their home for thousands of years.

They’re not alone.

Each autumn, groups of Polar Bears gather at the edge of the Arctic Ocean in Kaktovik. The bears are waiting for the coming whale hunt, where they know they can scavenge a good meal from the leftovers.  And they make fantastic subjects for us! During our 2011 trip, we spotted 16 polar bears at the same time.

While the bears pose on the beach, we’re safely cruising by in our boat (not a Tundra Buggy), capturing amazing images.  Your photo guide will help you to anticipate the best shots and call them out.

Polar Bears of Kaktovik (c) www.TheAmazingImage.com

Polar Bears at eye-level!  This is why we shoot from a boat, instead of 10 feet up in the air in a Tundra Buggy! (c)www.TheAmazingImage.com

He also helps out with those who are new to digital photography, answering questions and teaching during the trip.  You don’t need to be an expert to come home with great images!

Our native Inupiat guide, Robert, is properly insured, US Coast Guard licensed and has his ANWR Permit from the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Robert knows his stuff.  He knows where the polar bears will be and when they’ll be there.  He’s also a genuinely nice guy!

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2nd-Year Polar Bear Cubs – wanting us to get in the water an play! (c)www.TheAmazingImage.com

We’re always on the lookout for other subjects to shoot too.  We may see Grizzly Bears, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, a variety of birds and even icebergs!

Iceberg offshore from Kaktovik (c) www.TheAmazingImage.com

Iceberg offshore from Kaktovik (c) www.TheAmazingImage.com

Your photography guide is Charlie MacPherson, an award-winning wildlife photographer who knows how to help you to get the kind of images that will hold a special place in your portfolio for years to come.

Charlie has led photography tours all over the North America and Iceland.  He’s an accomplished photographer, speaker and writer. Wildlife photography is his specialty, and he’s completely dedicated to helping you to capture breathtaking images that while beautiful, also tell the story of the animals you photograph.

It’s time.  It’s time to book the trip of a lifetime!

Trip Itinerary – 2014

  • OPTIONAL – Arrive Fairbanks August 15, join us August 16 for a no-cost day in Denali National Park on August 17.  (You will be responsible for your own expenses, including lodging, meals and park entrance fees)
  • August 17 Arrive Fairbanks and take the free shuttle from the airport to the Bridgewater Hotel
  • August 18 Depart Fairbanks on Era Aviation flight # 3500 at 8:45 AM to Kaktovik (Barter Island)
  • August 18-21 Stay at the Marsh Creek Inn.  4 days of Polar Bear photography!
  • August 21 1:45 PM fly back to Fairbanks on Era Aviation flight # 3503

Return home at your leisure, or continue to explore Alaska on your own!

The cost for the tour is $6800, per person, based on double occupancy, which includes:.

  • Round-trip airfare from Fairbanks to Kaktovik via Era Alaska
  • 4 days / 3 nights room and meals at the Marsh Creek Inn in Kaktovik
  • Local Native Inupiat Guide, with USCG License, insurance and permits for ANWR Guiding
  • Boat transportation to take you to the Polar Bears
  • Ground transport from airstrip & around town
  • Photographer guide, dedicated to helping you to capture portfolio-class images
  • Framed “Arctic Circle Crossing” Certificate
  • Memories to last a lifetime!

Want to rent the best in camera bodies and lenses for this trip? Contact our friends at LensProToGo and get a 10% discount off your rental with the code arctictour10

They’ll ship your gear right to the hotel in Fairbanks, complete with a prepaid return label!

Download the Kaktovik Trip Packet

Note: Your space is reserved on a first-paid (in full) basis. Please note that all classes, tours and workshops are subject to our cancellation policies.